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Menu Monday-ish

10 Apr

Ahhh…we’re back from Vegas, and we’re trying to get back into our daily routine.  Nothing too fancy this week as we try to catch up with work….and I try to limit a bruised ego from eating at fancy restaurants!  We ate some of the best food while on vacation, so I’m kind of afraid to jump into the kitchen this week.  I’m quite sure that none of my meals are going to measure up to a Bobby Flay restaurant.

Here’s what we’re cooking….

Tuesday–Potato (not sweet for us!), black bean and beef chili with my attempt at the Bobby Flay corn muffins that we had at Mesa Grill.  So good.

Wednesday–Pasta with marinara, artichoke bruschetta.

Thursday–Quesadillas using Chicken Ropa Vieja.

Friday–Burrito bowls using leftover Chicken Ropa Vieja.



Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Cake

20 Mar

I had some leftover blueberries that need to be used, so I searched to find a breakfast coffe-type cake with blueberries.  Luckily, I stumbled across the best recipe.  The topping is perfectly crisp, and the cake is perfectly moist.


The tartness of the blueberries and lemon zest matches the bit of sweetness from the topping.  And, it was really easy to make.

If you try it, be aware that the ‘batter’ is definitely thick and much more like a dough.  I thought I messed something up, but it was delish!

It’s definitely a nice change of pace, and it’s the perfect weekend breakfast treat!


14 Feb

I honestly don’t think that anything makes a dish more delicious than fresh cilantro.  It’s a flavor that you just cannot get with dried cilantro.  And, honestly, that goes for pretty much all of them.  Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby.

I’ve determined that I want to grow a few herbs that I can use in the kitchen but living on the third floor of a complex isn’t really conducive to, you know, a garden.  So, I’m trying to find the best way to make it happen.

I know that herbs need lots of sunlight, and, unfortunately, we don’t get much inside our house.  I am not sure of the best way to make this happen on our balcony.


{Green Upgrader}

I love this idea of the shoe organizer turned herb garden.  Not sure if I’m crafty enough to pull this off….I would have soil everywhere.

{Apartment Therapy}



I’m thinking the one pot herb garden might make the most sense for our balcony.  I’m loving the chalkboard markers.  I’ve seen the cutest garden markers around pinterest…that might be another post for another day!

{Southern Restoration}

This is adorable!  A poultry feeder turned planter!  And, for a few extra dollars, they will throw in the seeds for you.  Love this idea.

Do you guys have any tips or tricks for me? Any ideas on the best way to have fresh herbs in an apartment?


Menu “Monday”

7 Feb

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  Birthday celebrations were plentiful, and I feel so lucky that my family and friends shared in the fun.  Thank you!

We ate at two fabulous restaurants this weekend.  For lunch, we ate at Bone Garden Cantina.  It is some seriously amazing Mexican food, and it’s a really fun atmosphere.  Between all of us, we ordered a variety of dishes, and they were all delicious.  If you go, you must get the hot chocolate and churros for dessert.  So. Good.

For dinner, we ate at Le Petite Maison Bistro.  It was fabulous as well.  David went out on a limb (and, for those of you that know us, you know we don’t go out on limbs when it comes to food…) and ordered FROG LEGS.  He loved them.  I had a nibble, and they were delicious, but I just couldn’t quite get over the fact that I was eating Kermit.  I had shrimp and scallop linguine, and it was wonderful.  We definitely recommend both spots!

And now…for dinner this week…

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Menu Monday

30 Jan

Last week our favorite dish was definitely the Ravioli Bake.  Unfortunately, we were halfway done before I remembered to take a picture…oops! It was really good.  There was plenty for us to eat leftovers a few nights later…and it was just as delicious!

This week….

Speaking of birthday dinner out, some of our favorite restaurants are of the Here 2 Serve group.  Noche is wonderful.  Their shrimp and grits dish is one of the best I’ve ever had.  We also love Goldfish.  They have some of the freshest sushi around town.  Anyway, their reward program, which is free to sign up for, is called Friends of Tom.  And, in addition to racking up points and getting 10% off every time you eat at one of their restaurants, you get $25 off your check on your birthday!


Hope your weekends were fabulous! Happy Monday!

Menu Monday, ahem, Tuesday!

24 Jan

Thanks to our friends over at A&W Root Here, I’ve decided to do Menu Monday posts.  I love reading what they are cooking up over there, and they always have great ideas.

We are really good at making monthly menus and only going to the grocery store once a month (plus a few other times to get fresh veggies each week).  We know what recipes we’re going to have each month, but I really like Andrew and Whitney’s idea of narrowing that down to a weekly menu.  Once I’m cooking each night, I really enjoy it, but deciding what to eat drives me crazy!

It probably does not bode well for ‘Menu Monday’ that I’m starting on a Tuesday, but we’ll see how it goes.  🙂

This week….

My first try at Brunswick stew a few weeks ago was a total success,

thank to the great recipe at Deep South Dish (we didn’t use the creamed

corn, though!).