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Red Velvet Trifle

17 Jan

I’ll be honest. I knew that I could turn a broken cake into a trifle, but it really didn’t sound that intriguing to me.

I’m not a whipped cream girl, and I didn’t think a broken cake with whipped cream would be all that great.

But, oh my, it was. It definitely was.

This was the second cake. Much more salvageable than the first. We were able to cut it into big cubes. My mother in law had also made a pound cake, so we used that, too.

From the bottom up, here’s how we made our layers…

  • Pound and red velvet cubes
  • Meringue cookies
  • Whipped Cream. Lots of whipped cream.

Repeat layers until you’re out of cake. Or out of room in your bowl. Let’s hope we never run out of cake.

Let it set in the refrigerator for a few hours. I think this was key. The whipped cream melted a bit, and the meringue and cake soaked it up. And, my goodness. So very good.


The Red (and Green) Velvet Disaster

30 Dec

For two of our many Christmas celebrations, I planned to make two red velvet cakes.

I should have known to just put down the mixer and stop as soon as I realized I only had green food coloring.

But, green is Christmas, right?  So I made myself think it would be just perfect.

Now, I have a red velvet recipe that I use every time.  And every time, it is delicious.  For some reason, I decided to pick a random, new recipe.

Big. Huge. Massive. Mistake.

The first Green Velvet crumbled into a million, billion pieces.

But it's such a beautiful shade of green!

But I didn’t cry.

I assumed that I did something wrong, left something out.  Surely the second go round would be perfection!

The second (Red this time.  I found my food coloring.) was much less crumbly.  It only broke into a million pieces.

Still, I didn’t cry.

I believe there are two reasons why I was able to hold it together after two cakes fell apart.

1.  I didn’t tell anyone I was bringing the Red Velvets.  They were supposed to be delicious surprises.  No pressure.  I might do this from here on out….

2.  Wine.

Shockingly, I was able to save these cakes and turn them into delicious treats.  My next two posts?  Cake Balls and a Red Velvet Trifle.