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…in which I attempt a Winter wreath…

19 Jan

I really like pushing my Christmas decoration time limits.

But, my Christmas wreath couldn’t stay up forever.  So, I was determined to create another wreath.

Now, I’m not very good at seasonal decorating.  Other than Christmas.  Which I wish I could keep up all year long. I may have already mentioned that.

I wanted to create a wreath I could keep up forever.  Ultimately, what I ended up with was way more Wintery than I expected.  But, it was easy…which means I can do it again!

Unfortunately, I started creating before I started picture taking, so please excuse the lack of photos.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • one vine wreath
  • glue gun/sticks
  • feathers!!!!
  • flowers, a variety of large and small blooms

If you aren’t sure about what flowers to pick, just head to your Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.  Everything in their floral section is grouped by color.  So, once you start to gravitate towards a certain palette, just pick up some blooms you think are fabulous!  Note: feathers can also be found in a variety of colors in the craft store floral section.

Cut your stems off, but leave about 2 inches or so.  If you’ve got a tighter vine wreath, you might have to cut yours a little shorter.

I placed my feathers in first, since I wanted them sitting behind my flowers.  You shouldn’t need to use any hot glue for this.  I just stuck them in between different sticks of the wreath.

Next, I determined where I wanted my larger blooms to be.  Pump a little hot glue on each stem, and stick it into the wreath.  Keep doing this until you’ve arranged your flowers how you like it.  I really liked not having a specific idea in my head of what I wanted.  Be sure to play around with the placement of the flowers before you start with the hot glue.

I remembered that I had a wooden K and decided to add that to my wreath.  I liked how it looked beside the white/brown of the flowers and feathers.  A bit more hot glue, and it was set!

I’m pretty pumped with how it turned out.  And even more pumped that I don’t have to take it down for a while.


A slight obsession

30 Dec



It’s insane, right? I’m sure I can’t stay away for more than a day.  And, although it is filled with brilliant, beautiful ideas, it sometimes seems empty to me.

Like, when I’m done with a pinning session, I expect to see everything I just pinned magically appear in my house.

But, it just never does.

Apparently, you have to actually make or buy those things in order for them to appear.

In an effort to negate this empty feeling, we (me, my mom, and my sister) had a Pinterest party.  We picked a project and promised to complete it one afternoon together.

Mama made a beautiful pearl and twine bracelet (Mama-I need pictures of that!).

Amelia and I were in a Christmas decorating mood and started working on items with which to decorate and wrap.

And so enters one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Why, hello, pom-pom maker!

Until Pinterest, I never knew that I wanted needed one of these babies.  Just think! You can make garland! flowers! monsters! wreaths! The possibilities are (not quite) literally endless!

Although the pom wreath was to-die-for cute, I quickly realized that pom making is a little time consuming.  And those wreaths had lots of poms.

So I decided to use a few to wrap gifts, and I just adore how it turned out! A few poms, some sweet gingham ribbon, and my Christmas gifts were set!

This little Pinterest party inspired me.  Since then, I’ve created some homemade gifts for coworkers, a fabulous Christmas wreath, and some great prints for our home.  I’ll be sharing those soon!