3 Apr

Happy, happy birthday to the best sister I could ever hope to have.

I remember my mama pregnant with Amelia.  We, of course, had no idea whether the baby was going to be a boy or girl.  But, I distinctly remember hugging my mama’s belly and saying goodnight to ‘Amelia.’  I didn’t just have high hopes for a sister; I was determined to get one.

On April 3, 1989, after eating dinner and waiting not so patiently with my grandparents, I found out that the baby in my mama’s belly actually was an Amelia.  As if I had any doubt.

After having my parents all to myself for five years, I’m sure I wasn’t exactly pleasant all the time after she was born.  I might remember grabbing a handful of Amelia’s hair (she was born with a head full of it!), pulling as hard as I could,  and running away…because I was just sure that my parents weren’t paying enough attention to me to even notice what I had done.   If I acted this way when I got an Amelia, I can’t imagine what my parents would have been in for had I received a brother instead.

Amelia, I am so lucky to have you as a sister and a best friend.  I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished.  I hope today is absolutely perfect.  Love you!


Thanks for the love, y'all!

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