Menu Monday

26 Mar

Last week was filled with wonderful recipes!

We stepped outside of our comfort zone and tried black bean burgers.  Wow.  They were absolutely delicious!  They tasted so fresh, and they were incredibly easy to make.  If you do try this recipe, a bit of a warning…before you cook the patties, they are extremely sticky and…wet-ish?  I definitely thought there was no way they were going to crisp up and cook correctly, but they do!

Another delicious recipe we tried was the chicken with Gorgonzola-tomato salsa.  Like the burgers, it was very fresh tasting and a perfect recipe for this time of year. We ended up using feta instead of Gorgonzola…just because we like it more…and I also added basil and oregano while I was cooking the chicken.

This week in the Klein kitchen:

Monday–Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole

Tuesday–Chicken and Black Bean Stuffed Burritos

Wednesday–Barbecue Chicken.  I make my own sauce and crock pot it all day long.  I’m not good at remembering what I put in the sauce until I’m actually in the kitchen! I’ll write it down this time, though!

Thursday–The Perfect Burger and Barbecue Fries



Have a happy week, y’all!


Thanks for the love, y'all!

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