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The Red (and Green) Velvet Disaster

30 Dec

For two of our many Christmas celebrations, I planned to make two red velvet cakes.

I should have known to just put down the mixer and stop as soon as I realized I only had green food coloring.

But, green is Christmas, right?  So I made myself think it would be just perfect.

Now, I have a red velvet recipe that I use every time.  And every time, it is delicious.  For some reason, I decided to pick a random, new recipe.

Big. Huge. Massive. Mistake.

The first Green Velvet crumbled into a million, billion pieces.

But it's such a beautiful shade of green!

But I didn’t cry.

I assumed that I did something wrong, left something out.  Surely the second go round would be perfection!

The second (Red this time.  I found my food coloring.) was much less crumbly.  It only broke into a million pieces.

Still, I didn’t cry.

I believe there are two reasons why I was able to hold it together after two cakes fell apart.

1.  I didn’t tell anyone I was bringing the Red Velvets.  They were supposed to be delicious surprises.  No pressure.  I might do this from here on out….

2.  Wine.

Shockingly, I was able to save these cakes and turn them into delicious treats.  My next two posts?  Cake Balls and a Red Velvet Trifle.


A slight obsession

30 Dec



It’s insane, right? I’m sure I can’t stay away for more than a day.  And, although it is filled with brilliant, beautiful ideas, it sometimes seems empty to me.

Like, when I’m done with a pinning session, I expect to see everything I just pinned magically appear in my house.

But, it just never does.

Apparently, you have to actually make or buy those things in order for them to appear.

In an effort to negate this empty feeling, we (me, my mom, and my sister) had a Pinterest party.  We picked a project and promised to complete it one afternoon together.

Mama made a beautiful pearl and twine bracelet (Mama-I need pictures of that!).

Amelia and I were in a Christmas decorating mood and started working on items with which to decorate and wrap.

And so enters one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Why, hello, pom-pom maker!

Until Pinterest, I never knew that I wanted needed one of these babies.  Just think! You can make garland! flowers! monsters! wreaths! The possibilities are (not quite) literally endless!

Although the pom wreath was to-die-for cute, I quickly realized that pom making is a little time consuming.  And those wreaths had lots of poms.

So I decided to use a few to wrap gifts, and I just adore how it turned out! A few poms, some sweet gingham ribbon, and my Christmas gifts were set!

This little Pinterest party inspired me.  Since then, I’ve created some homemade gifts for coworkers, a fabulous Christmas wreath, and some great prints for our home.  I’ll be sharing those soon!

Back to the world of blogging…

30 Dec

It certainly has been a while…

…but I’m back.  With a new site and a new name.

Eventually, I’d like to begin selling my invitations online.  I’ve had the opportunity to create various types of invitations, and I’m really enjoying it.

For now, though,  I’m just going to enjoy writing.  And enjoy sharing what I’ve been creating…in our kitchen and around the house.